Automated Purchase Order Consolidation.

Manufacturers, Brands & Suppliers receive Orders from Distributors and Retailers on a daily basis. In addition, they can also get into arrangements which involve store level inventory and sales data sharing. This data comes in a variety of formats (Spread sheets, Word documents, Flat files, PDFs etc.) each of which is specific to the sender and therefore requires preprocessing to be usable for allocation and replenishment planning.


 In many companies, this task of preprocessing this data is manually undertaken. The process is therefore not efficient and can also involve data entry errors. The resulting delays can have a direct impact on service levels and can adversely affect customer satisfaction.



Onintouch’s IPN platform, powered by Onintouch’s proprietary data translation technology automates this process. The data translation technology can be rapidly configured to handle a large variety of data formats. It has already been configured to handle purchase order data formats in use across most of the large format Retail chains in India.

This technology allows Brands to obtain translated and harmonized data per their planning requirements. Onintouch’s IPN platform offers the data to all stakeholders via a role based dashboard, or in the form of downloadable Excel spread sheets that can be directly uploaded into their existing ERP or Planning systems.

The solution offers efficient automated conversion of documents (Purchase Orders, Store level Sales and Inventory reports etc.). The solution requires virtually zero change in the existing systems and can be rapidly deployed and supported from a remote location.

Impact for Brands:                                                      

  • Enables – Downstream data and order collaboration process by automating Data & Document translation.
  • Solution is rapidly deployable and remotely supported
  • Quick time to value (TTV) and low ongoing support costs (TCO)
  • Zero change in existing systems & Zero user re-training needed

Order Consolidation (Link to download .pdf)