Shopping Mall Software.

Organizations operating Shopping Mall Centers have a need to track tenant sales data. This data not only provides them a mechanism to manage Mall revenue share relationship with their tenants, but also offers them deeper insights that can be used to develop and execute strategies to draw business into the shopping center.



Onintouch’s IPN ADSR Software offers real-time Tenant sales data and business insights through a single platform that can be accessed by Shopping Center Management. Onintouch’s Shopping Mall Software technology automatically captures relevant data from tenant systems and enables a seamless automated process to provide accurate and reliable data to the Shopping Center Management. The data is provided in a form that can be directly used for monthly tenant billing as per their existing revenue share arrangement with the Shopping Centers. Advanced business insights derived from this data can be leveraged by the shopping center to collaborate with the tenants on strategies to drive incremental business into the shopping centers.

Impact for Brands:                                                      

  • Improved efficiencies through automation.
  • Zero touch data capture ensures high data accuracy and reliability.
  • Data driven business insights for use to develop Demand generation strategies
  • Rapidly deployable & remotely supported solution.
  • Quick time to value (TTV) and low ongoing support costs (TCO).
  • Zero change in existing systems & Zero user re-training needed.

Customer Testimonial: 

“We have seen significant ongoing benefits from Onintouch’s Shopping Mall Software solution which allows us to track real-time sales across our tenant base and offers us significant insights into our overall business. The Mall ADSR software solution has been in place for 6 years and has made our tenant billing process highly efficient and reliable. Onintouch’s service has been exceptional, and we see them as a true strategic technology partner as we continue our journey to be one of the top Shopping Center brands in India. Onintouch is an outstanding collaborative partner and is genuinely committed to making us successful. …”   – Mr. Gajendra Singh Rathore , Director Malls - South India The Phoenix Mills Ltd