Manufacturing Stagewise Inventory Tracking

Brands differentiate themselves by defining styles in fashion, creating demand for these and ensuring adequate supply to meet the demand. Since supply locations are distributed all over the world, a significant challenge in today’s environment is to be able to closely monitor & track progress on orders & get advanced visibility on supply risk.


Currently Brands get order visibility too late, often when Suppliers are ready to dispatch the product. This impacts their ability to take corrective action in case of supply shortage or delay. Supply delays, or partially fulfilled orders, result in lost sales. Over compensating for supply uncertainty can result in excess unwanted inventory leading to undesirable markdowns & forced discounts. Advanced visibility into progress on an existing PO can clearly help Brands.

Intouch Supply Tracking Solution:

ntouch has created an app driven web-based platform for Brands to get very granular advanced visibility of orders across their network of contract manufacturers. At each stage of the manufacturing operation, progress on a design number and/or a work order is entered into the platform by the local supervisor using an easy-to-use interface. This data is processed & communicated via a dashboard that provides a real time view into progress. The tool can also be used to benchmark each stage of any manufacturing facility and create automated alerts in case of delays beyond the anticipated benchmark. This approach helps Brands to not only track their orders at a much deeper granularity, but also allows them to anticipate delays in an order that is still in early stages of production. Brands can leverage this across all of their manufacturing sites and make early decisions to cancel/change or reroute orders if needed across their manufacturing partner ecosystem.

The solution does not need to any significant hardware investment and can be operated from standard smart phones / tablets using basic internet connectivity.

For Brands: For Contract Manufacturers:
Upstream supply visibility & risk management Improved work order tracking and collaboration
True inventory tracking across the value chain Improved partner collaboration
Supplier Benchmarking & Score carding Improved performance tracking
Reduced losses from supply unreliability Reduced returns

Customer Testimonial

“… We have seen huge benefits from Intouch’s Supply Tracking Solution which allows us to track progress on our Work orders across various stages of the Manufacturing process. The solution is  intuitive, easy to use and requires minimal hardware investment. …”    – Mr. KOUSHIK MARATHE, COO, COTTON KING

Supply Tracking (Link to download .pdf )