Distributor & Dealer Management – Channel Data Management

Manufacturers are interested in tracking Distributor and Dealer inventory and Secondary / Tertiary Sales across their Sales Channels to improve forecasting, planning and partner collaboration. Visibility into their Distributor and Dealer’s sales and inventory can be key differentiator.


Traditionally In these situations, Manufacturers / Brands had no other option but to request for this data on a periodic basis from their channel partners.


Intouch’s proprietary data capture technology provides an ideal alternative to handle this situation. Intouch has developed and perfected a non-intrusive data capture mechanism that can be rapidly and remotely deployed across a heterogeneous network of billing systems.  This technology allows real time transaction data capture (item level sales including price, discounts etc.) and bilk data uploads (inventory reports). The data is processed and made available to all stakeholders via Intouch’s online analytics portal in the form of dashboards and downloadable reports. Mobile and online alerts, notifications and on-demand summaries are available.

  • Real time tracking of Secondary and Tertiary Sales & the resulting Channel Inventory
  • Capability to administer a Incentive schemes across the channels based upon achievement on targets.

None of this requires a change their existing transaction systems. The solution requires virtually zero change in the existing systems and can be rapidly deployed and supported from a remote location.

Impact for Brands:                                                      

  • Enables – Channel Sales & Inventory Tracking – across a network of Disparate downstream partner systems.
  • Solution is rapidly deployable and remotely supported
  • Quick time to value (TTV) and low ongoing support costs (TCO)
  • Zero change in existing systems & Zero user re-training needed

Customer Testimonial: 

“… We have seen huge benefits from Intouch’s Data Capture Technology which allows us to track real time sales & inventory across our larger nationwide Distributor network. Their technology can be rapidly deployed and requires NO change in the Distributor’s existing system. …”   – Mr. RAMASUBRAMANIAN , CIO, TTK Prestige

Channel Sales Tracking (Link to download pdf)